Knights Quest

You are the knight .

You wake up at a your camp site and something is amiss. The legendary helm "Skullsavington" gifted to you by the elves of Galandrathrill; missing! The mythril armor "Gutscontainathryl" forged for you by the dwarves of Mount Rawrthrak; absent! The blessed sword "Barbsmasher" conjured and blessed by the goddess Arathnia herself; gone! Without your legendary gear, you are naught but a plump lubberwort; about as imposing as housecat that clearly spent a few too many hours napping by the fireplace rather than catching mice.

Clearly your legendary gear didn't sprout legs and run off on its own. The local tales of bandits and barbarians, that you so flippantly dismissed, appear to be more truth than legend. "Look upon my legendary vestaments!" you proclaimed to the kind villager, warning you of the very fate you are now facing. "I am the very vision of power, beauty, and majesty! At the mere sight of me any foe will tremble in their boots and scurry off from whenst they came." Strong words for dew-beater who's true appearance strongly resembles a lumpy sack of potatoes propped up on two tree trunks when not clad with your mythic, figure-enhancing gear.

Clearly you must find your missing gear, for the sake of the safety of the world!.. And your fragile ego. You survey your campsite, finding naught but a rusty old sword, probably abandoned by it's previous owner after claiming the blessed sword "Barbsmasher". Seeing as it's your only option, you pick up the rusty old sword and take off in search of the grubby skelpie-limmer who stole your hard-earned legendary gear!

How to Play

Your objective is to level up, reclaim your legendary gear, and to lay waste to the thieves who stole it!

You will move automatically.

You can change direction by pointing your mouse cursor, or dragging on your touch screen in the direction you would like to face.

You can "boost" your speed for a short amount of time by clicking and holding the left mouse button, or by double-tapping and holding on your touch screen.


You have died